︎︎︎ For All Your Life 
︎︎︎ (2021)
︎︎︎ MN Artist Choreographer’s Evening 2021
︎︎︎ Walker Museum dot com


These are my ancestor’s free papers that certified he wasn’t a slave so he would move port to port as a citizen and American seaman. Something swells in me to see the passage of time through objects. A swell whose definition is still finding its way to me. Relics that tether me to specific moments of living, be it person, place, or thing. Something about old architecture abutting a modern design. Something about faded graffiti behind the remains of layers of wheatpaste. Something about old script and the Courier font of a typewriter on browned paper. What shores did he see? What ran through his head when he looked out at churning waves? How I hold this paper in my hand and this is what remains. A fraction of details from his time reflected in the facets of mine. But at least, there is this and it is something to keep. I stare at it for details I might have missed. It’s ruin, being the foreshadow of my life’s ruins in the making.