For All Your Life

For All Your Life is a multi-pronged performance project and social experiment that investigates the value of life and death.

Looking at life insurance with a fine-toothed comb, we attempt to create a value system to focus on the value of the living. This project explores personal and cultural histories through choreographic events and integrates text, video, and live performance. The first iteration, For All Your Life Studies (2021), a two-channel video installation at SculptureCenter in Queens, manipulated personal home videos of a swimming competition in a local pool. These images addressed a thorny relationship to the past; one that includes expressions of privilege, access, leisure, as well as survival. Later a pair of essays, published in the Walker Museum’s “MN Artist” series, dive deeper into the history of life insurance and its connection to Black bodies in bodies of water. The full work will premiere in Spring of 2023.

This website is an archive of the on-going research and presentations created thus far. Stay tuned to find out more by clicking below.

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